Who’s Really Intolerant Here? Candace Cameron Bure is Attacked for Truth

I love that Candace Cameron Bure stands up for truth no matter what! [Read more...]

Grammy-winning Rapper Lecrae about When His Girlfriend Got an Abortion: “That Day a Part of Us Died”

Sadly, there are so many stories of celebrities admitting they’ve had an abortion, and talking about how much heartache it caused. These stories are sad, but important to let people know how devastating abortion really is! I’m going to do a series of blog posts about some of those stories, hoping we can all learn from their mistakes and pray that God would heal their heartache… and that people will quit seeing abortion as the way to handle an unwanted pregnancy.

Lecrae is a Christian rapper who’s found huge mainstream success . His album Anomaly was #1 on Billboard’s list and the #1 Gospel Album when it came out last year, and he recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

One song on his newest album has a song called “Good, Bad, Ugly” where he admits his mistake of getting a girlfriend pregnant and taking her to get an abortion. [Read more...]

Why I Prayed on Thursday


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! [Read more...]

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Enough is Enough

Young Americans,  please beware. [Read more...]

Celebrate These Words Today!

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