This Young Mom Was Feeding Her Baby When an Invader Broke In. See what She Did to Protect her Baby!


What would you do if you were a young mom at home with your new baby when armed men break down your front door?

I hope I would be as brave and quick thinking as Semantha Bunce! [Read more...]

The 2nd Amendment is in Danger of Being Repealed! Read Why.

One of our most fundamental rights as American citizens is the right to bare arms and protect ourselves and our families.  All across our great nation, millions of Americans support and exercise this right. [Read more...]

Maine is Letting the 2nd Amendment Speak For Itself!

Way to go Maine!  This week the Maine Legislature voted to join my home state of Alaska as a state who does not require a concealed carry permit in order to carry a concealed gun.  [Read more...]

Best Shooting Teacher Ever <3


Just look at those grins! [Read more...]

Anti-Gun Senator Was Carrying a 9mm When Arrested in Ferguson


Can you tell me how this makes sense? [Read more...]