See Iraq War Veteran’s Dancing With the Stars Performance That Left Many in Tears


Noah Galloway is a unique competitor on Dancing With the Stars this year. Lots of people come on with no dance experience, but his challenges are even more obvious — he lost his left arm and left leg defending our freedoms in Iraq.  [Read more...]

Nasty Letter Calls Woman with Prosthetic Limb a “Cry Baby One Leg”

Screenshot 2015-03-21 12.51.00

I’ve heard my fair share of rude comments, but sometimes I still can’t believe how mean people can be. [Read more...]

Check Out What This Little Boy with Cerebral Palsy Grew Up to Be!

Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. Lisa Sexton and her son Tyler know that all too well. Lisa wasn’t planning to have a baby so soon after being married, with no savings account or plan to support a child. She especially wasn’t planning that her baby would have cerebral palsy, but God had another plan. [Read more...]

If You Want to Change the World, Take This Navy SEAL’s Advice

Admiral-William-McRavenYou can’t beat the advice in this commencement speech. [Read more...]

High School Student Beats Incumbent, Becomes Youngest State Representative in the Country

Saira Blair

Saira Blair is pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family. [Read more...]