Check Out What These Strangers Did When A Couple Accidentally Texts Them About Their Newborn

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Our news feeds are filled with harsh words, tragic stories, and controversial news stories.  It can feel overwhelming sometimes to scroll through and realize just how divided America is right now.
So I was so refreshed when I read the story of the Williams brothers.  Fox 2 explains:

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ISIS storms in killing group of nuns, but how one nun survived is truly miraculous

Early in the morning on March 4th, members of ISIS attacked a church-run retirement home in Yemen operated by a group of Catholic nuns. The terrorist thugs slaughtered the guard and the driver first. Christian Ethiopian men ran to tell the nuns that ISIS was there to kill them. [Read more…]

Autistic girl holds up ‘It’s my dream to sing with Adele’ at concert – see what Adele did next!


Twelve-year-old Emily Tammam had a dream – to sing on stage with her favorite singer, Adele.  But bigger than that, Emily had a dream to show children with disabilities that their limitations do not define them. [Read more…]

Stunning Sonogram Shows Unborn Baby Holding Dying Twin’s Hand

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  And in the case of the McIntre twins this couldn’t be any more true.

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45 million people have viewed this video of mom dressing her four babies!

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When a video goes viral it is usually of someone doing or saying something foolish, but I love that over 45 MILLION people have seen this video of a mother of four babies under the age of two rocking at her job! [Read more…]