Birthday Cake Decor Goes Viral for Surprising Reason


Have you ever ordered a birthday cake from a store and been disappointed with the decorations on the cake?  Well one woman in Michigan had cause to complain when she received her cake back after asking a bakery employee to write “Happy Birthday” on her cake.  Yet her beautiful response left me in tears! [Read more…]

Railroad Worker Goes Above and Beyond in Response to Hurtful Comments

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How many times have you heard hurtful comments and done nothing about it? If you went to high school, the answer is probably more than one!

I love this story because someone actually took action on what he heard, and changed another person’s life and the attitude of his town in the process.  [Read more…]

Taylor Swift Writes Touching Note to Fan Missing Her Mom

Taylor Swift really seems like one of the most genuine people in the celebrity world. [Read more…]

Teen Has the Last Laugh When Bullied about Her Looks in a Prom Dress


People can be so cruel, especially on the internet. Thankfully, there are other people who will stand up and do the right thing. [Read more…]

What Happened When Three Middle School Boys Saw a Girl With Down Syndrome Being Bullied?

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What did three middle school boys do when they saw a girl being picked on? The answer will probably surprise you! [Read more…]