Vegan activist calls musician Craig Strickland who disappeared duck hunting “piece of sh-t” who should “rot in hell” – Read why

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Country Music Star Craig Strickland’s family, friends, and fans are on their knees praying tonight for his safe return.  Strickland and a friend went duck hunting in Oklahoma several days ago. They have not been heard from since.  His friend’s body was found last night, in addition to some wreckage of their boat.

But what are some liberals doing as the rest of us pray for Craig? They are doing the unthinkable. For some liberals, it seems there is no decency and nothing is off limits. They are trashing him, calling him a “scumbag” and “piece of shit” who should “rot in hell” – all because he was duck hunting!!??!!

“Animal rights” activist Gary Yourofsky took to Facebook to write this sickening post, which has since been deleted. [Read more…]

Ohio Law Seeks to Protect Down Syndrome Babies — Liberals Say It Costs Too Much


What’s the value of a human life? Does it change whether it’s a life inside the womb? If it has more limitations than the average person?

How you answer these questions affects a lot. They should give you guiding principles to make decisions with. But some members of the Left get a little schizophrenic when you ask similar questions in different contexts.  [Read more…]

Gay Woman Apologizes to Christian-Owned Indiana Pizzeria, Sends Donation


It’s nice to see a person with liberal views who actually believes in tolerance and love. [Read more…] Makes Insulting Joke About Death Threats to John Boehner

Boehner Flickr thought it would be funny to make a joke about a bartender threatening to kill the Speaker of the House, but when enough people tweeted comments about how un-classy that was, they made a really funny correction. [Read more…]

Liberals Use Glenn Beck’s Illness For Own Agenda

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And just like always, a conservative’s personal problems are a chance for liberals to fire away.

Glenn Beck just announced that he’d been fighting a serious brain illness for years, but now it’s thankfully under control. How did liberals respond? With compassion? Celebration? [Read more…]