Two U.S. Children Are in Prison in Sudan – What Will the President Do?


I recently wrote about a pregnant woman in Sudan scheduled to be killed because of her Christian faith. The Sudanese authorities gave Meriam Ibrahim a chance to escape death.  All she had to do was convert to Islam.  Showing amazing courage, she wouldn’t. [Read more...]

A Touching Political Ad? Yep. Watch the Best Political Ad of 2014

I get so sick of the dark, black and white ads that politicians run against each other. [Read more...]

Zero to Fourteen Years in 4 Minutes

This is amazing!  A dad filmed is daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old.

[Read more...]

A Mom’s Terrible Choice: Her Life or Her Child’s?

This is a touching story of a New York City mom and dad who were faced with a terrible choice. [Read more...]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

This is so precious: [Read more...]