Man Comes “Back to Life” After Being in Vegetative State for 12 Years: Has a Jaw Dropping Story to Tell

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When Martin Pistorius was 12, he came down with a mysterious disease that slowly weakened and finally paralyzed him. The doctors couldn’t help him. They eventually gave up and told his parents he would be a vegetable until he eventually died.

His parents took him home and waited for him to die. But he didn’t. [Read more...]

7 Ways Abortion Advocates Avoided Discussions in 2014 By Talking About Body Parts Instead

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Keep it classy, pro-abortion advocates.

Desperate, ineffective, and offensive, actually. [Read more...]

Who Are the Biggest Supporters of Limiting Abortion? Women!


Take that, Democrats! [Read more...]

1,314 Black Babies Have Been Killed in Missouri Since Michael Brown’s Death. Why Are There No Riots?

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Question for Ferguson rioters: Do you know that over a thousand black babies have been murdered in your state since Michael Brown’s death?

Isn’t that worth getting mad about? [Read more...]

Ten Years Later, Mom Thanks Medical Staff that Saved Her Son’s Life

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Gratitude is a powerful thing. [Read more...]