On Second Thought: Episode 12 – First Love, Then Marriage

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. [Read more…]

Confession: I’m Not the Cool Parent I Thought I’d Be

Lifetime asked some interesting questions about parenting, family, and life during filming.  [Read more…]

On Second Thought: Episode 4

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Original Airdate: June 26, 2012


Just the word causes a little pang in my heart. [Read more…]

“Life’s a Tripp” on Hannity Tonight!

Did you see this segment on Sean Hannity’s show? [Read more…]

The Promo for “Life’s a Tripp” – My New Show on Lifetime!

A scene from "Life's a Tripp!"

I’m so excited about my new show on Lifetime!  Here’s the 60 second promo, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the commercial yet.

Who’s going to tune in?


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