This Couple Got a Free Wedding, PLUS Guess Who Showed Up to Sing for Their First Dance?

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It’s a wonder they were still able to dance, it was so big a shock! [Read more...]

This Nurse Had No Idea Her New Patient Was Her Long-Lost Father

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Do you believe in miracles? There’s no way this story was a coincidence! [Read more...]



Last night, Sgt Dakota Meyer proposed and I said yes! [Read more...]

Songwriter for Maroon 5 & Nick Jonas Wrote an Amazing Song for His Unborn Son

Sam Martin

Sam Martin writes songs for artist like Maroon 5, Nick Jonas, and One Direction. But this one is the most powerful song he’s written yet. [Read more...]

A Boy With a Stutter Tried Out on The Voice. What Did the Judges Think?

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Harrison Craig had a stutter ever since he learned to talk. But when he sings, it goes away, and he puts his whole heart into his song. [Read more...]