Video: What the Founders believed about a Convention of States


Have you heard all the talk about the Convention of States?  My mom has talked about it a great deal, and I believe it might be our last chance to turn this nation around. [Read more…]

Convention of States Victory Due to Swell of Grassroots Support

Arkansas State Capitol The Convention of States has big news. [Read more…]

Arkansas Legislators: Don’t Just Show Up! Support a Convention of States NOW

Standing out from the crowd at school

You Arkansas residents should raise a fuss over this. In your state, the Convention of States resolution (HJR 1003) came up for a vote, and seventeen representatives either voted “Non-Vote” or voted “Present.”

Present?  Really?  Is this kindergarten roll call on the first day of school? [Read more…]

Is a “Convention of States” a Good Idea or a Dangerous One? Watch this!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.36.27 PM


Ever since I started talking about a Convention of States, a few people have said that I was supporting something that could cause a “runaway convention.”

Guess what?

We already have a “runaway government!”

Here’s a great video that addresses some of their concerns:

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Way to Go, Connecticut Gun Owners!

Did you see this Breitbart article? [Read more…]