Snow Sculpture as Big as a House Honors Fallen US Military


This guy is a true patriot – and a pretty good artist! [Read more...]

Chaplain Fired for Believing in Biblical Sexuality


Lt. Commander Wes Modder has served in the US military for 19 years, first as a Marine and now as a chaplain for Navy SEALs. One day, his assistant brought him a complaint letter, and he was immediately asked to clean out his office.

What were the charges? [Read more...]

Praying for Families of Marines Lost in Helicopter Crash

rescue helicopter iStock_000002126433_Small This is such sad news. [Read more...]

Check Out Who Showed Up at Mom and Dad’s House: True Heroines, the Gold Star Wives

SP Gold star wives

The Palins got to meet some pretty amazing women yesterday. They’re called “Gold Star Wives,” women who have lost their husbands in military service to our country. It was such a privilege to have these women in our home and see their grace and courage. [Read more...]

Why People Love Sarah Palin: Check Out This CPAC Speech


Sometimes when I’m just hanging out with Mom in Wasilla, it’s easy to forget how other people perceive her.  That’s why I was so excited to go to Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with her — it’s just fun to see her in action.  [Read more...]