What I Did on Mother’s Day (Three Photos!)

On Sunday, Joey, Tripp, and I went out to the large, “zig-zag” shaped Kenai Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.

Here’s a photo of Joey letting Tripp drive the boat.

Tripp was in heaven!  Check out the joy on his face!

Here’s a great photo I took while we were there.  I love Alaska!

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Momma’s Boy!

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A Photo of Mom and Me Bear Hunting for Mother’s Day

So, today Mom, Dad, Piper, the boys, and the dog went bear hunting on snowmachines to celebrate Mom’s Day! [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day (Plus a Secret on Mothering)

Sometimes I feel motherhood is an overwhelming joy!  But I’m so thankful on days like today that I come from a long line of women…  who did it right.

Read a great article here about two of them here.  What did my grandmother, Sally Heath, about the secret to raising a family?

“The faith has been pretty central for the family, that’s for sure,” Heath said. “I have faith myself and the kids found that was something worth striving for, or accepting. That is wonderful because it sure brings a lot of peace of mind because every family has issues and boy you need that strength that faith can bring.”

Thanks to all the strong women on both sides of my family who have paved the way for me!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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A Mom’s Love for Her Blind Son, One Paper at a Time

Well, there’s been a lot of action on my blog this week!  I welcome all my new readers… even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.  Today, I’m posting something uplifting…  something we can all agree on.  This Mother’s Day weekend, as you run around town looking for a gift for Mom, this video will inspire you. It’s a mother telling the story of her blind son’s birth and life, one piece of paper at a time.  I love the different emotions she shows on her face between the papers…  you can tell she’s been through a lot, but she’s not broken and is not in despair.

Anyway, if there are any struggling mothers out there this weekend, you might find inspiration in this mom’s determination and love.

And for the rest of you — here’s a hint: all Moms love chocolate!


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