“Sun Girls” — All-Female Militia Prepares to Fight ISIS

The next time you feel like men are ruining your life, check out these ladies:

A popular Yazidi singer has recruited a group of women to take on Islamic State militants and seek revenge against the terrorists who have abducted, raped and slaughtered thousands of the embattled ethnic group’s members in Iraq.

Xate Shingali has recruited 123 women ages 17 to 30 to form the Sun Girls battalion. All of them risk being killed or held as sex slaves if they are caught by the terrorist group, the Daily Mail reported.

Islamic State militants have killed more than 5,000 Yazidis and captured up to 500 women and children since August 2014, when the terrorist group stormed their villages in Sinjar province in northern Iraq.

These women are something else! Most people would run and hide after seeing their friends and families kidnapped, raped, and slaughtered, but instead they are running towards the fight.  They refuse to let the evil men who hide behind the ISIS flag win as they terrorize everyone in their path!

Even while the Obama Administration and the West refuse to do all they can to defeat the Islamic State once and for all, these fearless women are proving they have more heart and conviction to truly stand up against these radical Islamic extremists. They are putting everything on the line to defeat this rising evil because they have seen the reign of terror firsthand.

I love how Singali finished her interview:

She also joked about a rumor in the Yazidi community that Islamic State fighters were scared of being killed by women because they would not be rewarded with “72 virgins in heaven.”

“ISIS will never go to heaven,” Ms. Shingali said. “We will kill them.”

Let’s pray for these brave women as they fight to defend their families and homes from pure evil!

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