Girl is Accused of bringing dangerous chemicals to school, and now her parents are suing the School. Of course.

New York City, USA - March 03, 2011: Children entering school bu

First we have the clock boy crying discrimination and suing his school district, and now we have two girls from Rhode Island who are crying foul after they were questioned by police for possibly having chemicals in their backpacks.

When are parents going to stop acting like their kids are victims and start trusting the police and school officials to keep us all safe? [Read more…]

21-Year-Old Sues Her Parents for College Tuition… and Wins?

Have you seen this story about a daughter suing her parents to make them pay for her college tuition?

Unbelievable. [Read more…]

Tripp Started Football Today!

Crazy how proud you can be as a parent, never imagined how much he could completely fill my heart!

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Zero to Fourteen Years in 4 Minutes

This is amazing!  A dad filmed is daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old.

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