Actor Dwayne Johnson Announces “Rock the Troops” Event in 2016

A Hollywood actor who doesn’t have an entitlement complex is quite a thing to see! [Read more...]

#NeverOutGunned: Dakota Meyer’s Pro-America Challenge


My future husband Dakota Meyer (!!) is calling for a social media campaign to counter the ridiculous “Eric Sheppard Challenge,”which attempts to get Americans to stomp on their own flag. [Read more...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Epic Response When He’s Asked if Constitution Should Be Amended So He Can Run for President

arnold schwartz flickr

Arnold Schwartzenegger isn’t allowed to run for President because he wasn’t born in this country. How does he feel about that? [Read more...]

David Letterman Couldn’t Even Get Through the List of Injuries Received by Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter Flickr

You could say I have a soft spot for Medal of Honor recipients… I’m going to marry one in less than a month (woot!), and today I’d like to share the inspiring story of another – Corporal Kyle Carpenter. [Read more...]

Snow Sculpture as Big as a House Honors Fallen US Military


This guy is a true patriot – and a pretty good artist! [Read more...]