My Whole Heart

my whole heart

I just love these guys so much!! [Read more...]

20 Pictures of Celebrities from Their High School Basketball Days, Including Sarah Palin

Barracuda Sarah

Can you pick out the familiar face in this picture?

You have to check out this #TBT post from ESPN. Turns out everybody who’s anybody played high school basketball! [Read more...]

Three Photos from the 4th of July!

Hope you guys had an awesome 4th of July!  Tripp went camping, and I ran up a river with my friends! Super fun, and I celebrated Willow and my roommate Julie’s birthday! Stay tuned for more pictures of that! What did you do?

Click here for Photo 2!

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Pre-School, Pool, and Snowmachine Photos… of Fatherhood

Hey Guys!  You responded so well to yesterday’s posts about dad that I thought I’d add a few more photos! I’m so thankful for the many roles my dad plays, and so thankful Tripp will grow up with such a great role model in my dad. Click here for Photo 2!

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Photos of Fatherhood

Dad showing Willow how to wax her truck! Always teaching his kids about everything!

Thank you for helping me honor my dad by checking out these sweet “photos of fatherhood,” that nicely show some of the ways he helps our family.  Click here for Photo 2.

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