Schools Ban ‘U-S-A!,’ ‘Air Ball,’ and ‘Scoreboard’ Chants


This happened. A new policy enacted by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association stops students from chanting “U-S-A,” “Scoreboard,” and “Air Ball.”

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As a Former Barista, Why You Should Ignore the Starbucks Red Cup “Controversy”


Over the past few years, Starbucks has rolled out their “red cups” right after Halloween to signal the start of the holiday season.  Usually adorned with snowflakes and reindeers, this year the cups were given a makeover in a more sleek all red ombre look.

And somewhere, somehow someone took offense to the change, claiming it was part of the war on Christmas. [Read more…]

My Open Letter to Kylie Jenner about Her Eskimo Halloween Costume

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 6.25.37 PM

Dear Kylie Jenner,

I read that you dressed up as an “Eskimo” for Halloween.  Predictable, people freaked out, saying you were politically incorrect and — wait for it — offensive:

On Saturday, Jenner shared a video of herself decked out in her “Eskimo” costume that she wore to a party on Friday night. Never mind the fact that “Eskimo” is generally considered a slur, the Inuit and Alaska Natives are real people, not costumes. 

KJWell, as a person born and raised in Alaska (born on Alaska Day, no less) who is also part Yup’ik, let me say this.

I’m not offended!

In fact, I’m flattered that you think Eskimos looks this chic.

I think “cultural appropriation” Halloween guides are a joke, I think people need to lighten up, and I think you look great!

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BREAKING NEWS: Officer Fired After Classroom Incident; Law and Order Further Erode

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Yesterday on Facebook, I linked to this story about a cop who was called to deal with a student who was asked by her teacher, administrator, and the police to leave a classroom after being disorderly.   [Read more…]

School Cancels America Day – Students Wear Red, White, and Blue Anyway

Female model against a lawn in a t-shirt with the American flag

In today’s edition of political correctness… [Read more…]