Schools Ban ‘U-S-A!,’ ‘Air Ball,’ and ‘Scoreboard’ Chants


This happened. A new policy enacted by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association stops students from chanting “U-S-A,” “Scoreboard,” and “Air Ball.”

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Professor Gives EPIC Class Introduction That Destroys Liberals: Get Out of My Class and Leave America

I envy every student sitting in Mike Adams’ lecture hall this semester. On his first day of class, the UNC-Wilmington Criminology professor didn’t hold back. [Read more…]

Want to feel good about politics for a minute? Meet Larry Hogan.

It’s so encouraging to see a politician step forward to share his personal story of triumph and healing. [Read more…]

Police Kill Autistic Boy for No Reason – Media Yawns, Because Child Wasn’t Black

police officers My heart is breaking… In a situation with no obvious threat, two police officers shot a precious little boy and his father. The child tragically died and the father, in critical condition, was unable to attend his own son’s funeral. [Read more…]

President Obama Pointing Finger at Critics for Failures in Syria

President Obama’s policy in Syria has failed.  And now he is quite predictably pointing the blame at everyone else but himself. [Read more…]