LOVE! Students walk out to show support for fired S.C. school deputy

Students at Spring Valley High School wear homemade shirts saying "Bring Back Fields" on Oct. 30, 2015. (Photo: Via Twitter)

Students at Spring Valley High School wear homemade shirts saying “Bring Back Fields” on Oct. 30, 2015. (Photo: Via Twitter)

This week, I wrote about the police officer who was fired after an incident involving an unruly teenager.

(Even though some misguided people believe disobedience is “age appropriate.”)  It’s totally unfair that the officer lost his job when he was just doing his job.

But check out what happened at that school today! I’m so proud of these kids! [Read more…]

I Rarely Agree with Raven-Symone, But She’s Right!

This week I told you about a cop who was suspended after he was asked to help deal with a disorderly student. [Read more…]

BREAKING NEWS: Officer Fired After Classroom Incident; Law and Order Further Erode

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Yesterday on Facebook, I linked to this story about a cop who was called to deal with a student who was asked by her teacher, administrator, and the police to leave a classroom after being disorderly.   [Read more…]

Toni Morrison Thinks Shooting White People Will End Racism

Toni Morrison Flickr

For a writer, Toni Morrison made a strange choice of words in an interview last week. Her idea of “ending” racism is just to see bad things happen to white people. [Read more…]

Starting Conversations about Race at Starbucks – How Did That Work Out?

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Did you hear about Starbucks’ “Race Together” campaign? People were supposed to go to Starbucks and talk about racial issues — specifically, ask the workers what they thought about race.

How do you think it went over with the employees? [Read more…]