Happy Anniversary, Todd and Sarah Palin!

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Happy 27th Anniversary to these#highschoolsweetharts  [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Spotted in California CVS Buying Reading Glasses


So my mom – Sarah Palin — is out of her normal Alaska element and is guest hosting at One America News in California. [Read more...]

Obama Played More than 1,100 Hours of Golf as President, and Mom is the Controversial One?

This is so infuriating! [Read more...]

The New GOP “Outrage Industry:” Lessons in Decency from Erick Erickson and Fox News

It’s official. I used to use this blog to point out how liberals use the “outrage industry” to manipulate people and keep their power. Now Republicans are just as bad. [Read more...]

AP Photo Shows a Gun Pointing at Ted Cruz’s Head

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Do you think this was an accident?? [Read more...]

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