My thoughts on life after the horrific Orlando shootings

ShootingsIn light of the two recent events in Florida, with the shooting at the nightclub and the murder of Christina Grimmie, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the greater scope of life and how precious it is.  With the recent birth of our daughter, and starting a new chapter with Dakota; I am now, more than ever, seeing that each moment in life is a blessing.  [Read more…]

President of Liberty University Has a Great Plan to Prevent a Mass Shooting on His Campus

The President of Liberty University had a great response to President Obama’s call for more gun control after the San Bernandino shooting. “It just blows my mind,” were his exact words — but then he went further. He encouraged his students to get their concealed carry permits. There will be no mass shootings on this campus if he has anything to say about it! [Read more…]

Best Shooting Teacher Ever <3


Just look at those grins! [Read more…]


Along with all of America, I’m heartbroken over the horrific news out of Connecticut. [Read more…]

Did You See This? Three Heroes of the Movie Massacre

Still reeling from the Colorado shooting.  Can’t stop thinking about it, actually. [Read more…]