The 2nd Amendment is in Danger of Being Repealed! Read Why.

One of our most fundamental rights as American citizens is the right to bare arms and protect ourselves and our families.  All across our great nation, millions of Americans support and exercise this right. [Read more…]

When Killing Babies is More Important than Women’s Health

In another outrageous move this week, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked a common-sense abortion regulation in Texas. After the elected representatives voted to enact laws to protect the health of women and unborn children, 5 unelected judges are once again putting their policy preferences above those of the American people. [Read more…]

Former Cover Girl Model Regrets Her Abortion, Says It Caused Depression, 9 Miscarriages

Sadly, there are so many stories of celebrities admitting they’ve had an abortion, and talking about how much heartache it caused. These stories are sad, but important to let people know how devastating abortion really is! I’m going to do a series of blog posts about some of those stories, hoping we can all learn from their mistakes and pray that God would heal their heartache… and that people will quit seeing abortion as the way to handle an unwanted pregnancy.

Jennifer O’Neill was an actress and Cover Girl model in the 70s. She has become a very strong pro-life advocate and shares her unique story of having an abortion a few years after it had been legalized.  [Read more…]

People are Celebrating #HobbyLobbyLove Early! First SIX PHOTOS

I know we talked about celebrating Hobby Lobby this Thursday, but I’m already getting photos…  Wanted to share them a little early! [Read more…]

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