Horrific: Angelina Jolie tells of ISIS Raping Women and Children

Angelina Jolie doesn’t just play a heroine on screen.  She continually uses her celebrity status to stand up for the poor and oppressed around the world as well.  And this week, she is using her platform to take on the evils of ISIS. [Read more...]

Let’s Take Social Media Back From Terrorists!


ISIS and other terrorist groups are using social media to recruit and brainwash their members.  It seems that after every major terror attack, including this week’s horrible attack in Chattanooga, we find a trail of radical comments and threats that the terrorists made in the months leading up to the attacks and afterwards.

Well let’s take social media back from the terrorists!  Instead of letting them use it for their advantage, let’s use their own posts to defeat them.  [Read more...]

Just a Change in Scenery

I haven’t written about the tragedy in Boston, mainly because words just fail to express. [Read more...]