I Can’t Believe I Agree with Richard Dawkins, But His Tweets on Clock Boy Were Right On

Richard Dawkins’ tweets about the Clock Boy couldn’t be more spot-on: [Read more…]

Obama Blocks Middle Schooler From Following Him on Twitter

What happens when you are a young boy who brings a box to school that resembles a bomb?  You get invited to the White House. [Read more…]

Liberals Slam Anna Duggar for Retweeting that Unborn #BlackLivesMatter

Close up foot of a little african american baby girl - Black peo

Liberals are all up in arms again. Now who’s offended them? [Read more…]

Sportscaster Slams Marching Band – and the US Army Responds!

Army Field Band

Glad to see the U.S. military setting an example of how to respond to criticism. [Read more…]

Happy Anniversary to George and Barbara Bush!

George and Barbara Bush

Can you guess what anniversary they’re celebrating? 70 years! Incredible! [Read more…]