Sportscaster Slams Marching Band – and the US Army Responds!

Army Field Band

Glad to see the U.S. military setting an example of how to respond to criticism. [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary to George and Barbara Bush!

George and Barbara Bush

Can you guess what anniversary they’re celebrating? 70 years! Incredible! [Read more...]

The CIA Joined Twitter In Style

I thought this was a funny first tweet for the CIA!  (Though I’m not on Twitter, follow this blog here!)

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‘SOMEONE’S IN THE BASEMENT FOR SURE!’; Tammy Bruce live tweets discovery of home intruder

Oh my gosh, this is crazy! [Read more...]

Window into the World – Literally!

@ckanal Twitter

Have you ever been sitting in the house and look at your phone for the weather instead of looking out the window?  [Read more...]