Cartoon: Cain's son

I’ve always loved this question. Brother Richard (props: LOL god) [Read more…]

Original sin or a screw loose?

Space Avalanche has provided a good explanation of Original Sin: I guess our designer made us with a screw loose. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Cartoon: Image of God

Brother Richard (props: WTTF) [Read more…]

Cartoon: Batman Vs God

From Amazing Super Powers: Click image to enlarge. Well I guess if Batman, a mere human, could take down the entire Justice League if needed, he could handle deities. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Cartoon: The war on Christmas continues

The war on Christmas continues! Click image to enlarge. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Cartoon: The Christmas Rat Race

As we progress towards Christmas, let’s remember: Our happiness flows from our friends and families. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Comic: Atheist Holiday Traditions

If we had some atheist holiday traditions, they might be like: Brother Richard (Props: Big Fat Whale) [Read more…]