Almost 30% of NJ conservatives think Obama may be the Antichrist

I find this very hard to believe? According to Huliq News, new data collected by Public Policy Polling suggests a larger number of New Jersey residents may be crazier than we would estimate. Forget the comparisons to Hitler, when asked about the likelihood of President Obama being the Antichrist: 8% of all voters think Barack Obama is [Read More…]

Atheist News Podcast Episode 009

“Who wants to sell me a double-decker bus on the cheap?” The ninth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted. Brother Richard gets a gold star for being on the show yet again. This week we begin with a correction from last week’s show and then jump into the news: The UK considers punting [Read More…]

Michele Bachmann on End Times Radio Show

Our favorite Congressional wacko, Michele Bachmann is at it again. She was recent guest on the end-time radio program, Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. The show topic, “Criminalization of Christianity.” From the shows website: The Criminalization of Christianity: Dr. Gary Cass, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and others, weigh in about the efforts to marginalize, [Read More…]

God uses non-kosher flu to mark return of the Jew

Rejoice! Swine flu deaths are a sign of Christ’s return: For those familiar with Bible prophecy, the sea of face-masked people in Mexico City and widespread fear of a global flu pandemic brings to mind the image of the pale, or sickly, horse of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, as described by the Apostle [Read More…]