The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss


Talk show host, Amy Kushnir, believes she is being persecuted for defending “traditional values.” During a recent appearance on Fox News (video below) she explained why she walked off of the set of her own show. If you watch the clip from her show The Broadcast,  you will see that she did so in retaliation [Read More...]

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Easter Movie Review: God’s not dead; he was never alive.

Well, what can I say? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Being the Easter season, I decided to go see the movie God’s Not Dead. I had to go alone since no one in my family wanted to see it, but I’m used to it. I always go to see these types of films. [Read More...]

I Am Back From California


I have just returned from a wonderful week long trip to California. The highlights of my journey included speaking to these three local groups: Atheists United in Los Angeles Ventura Atheists in Ventura San Luis Obispo Atheists in, you guessed it, San Luis Obispo (One of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited). Also, [Read More...]

Pope Francis Says Atheists Can Go To Heaven

What the “Hell” is going on with Pope Francis? Is he rewriting Roman Catholic doctrine? In contrast to his predecessor, Pope Palpatine, who warned against the evils of “aggressive secularism,” Francis recently declared that even atheists can go to Heaven if they do good deeds. The Pope’s words from Vatican Radio: “The Lord has redeemed all [Read More...]

This Atheist Supports Mike Huckabee! Let’s Go To Mars!


Holy Bejebus, how cold is Hell right now? This atheist agrees with former Governor Mike Huckabee! Here’s a tweet Huckabee sent yesterday: It’s time for churches to reject tax exempt status completely; freedom is more important than government financial favors. — Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) June 11, 2013 No. I it’s not because I want [Read More...]

E.W. Jackson Follow-Up: Obama, Bestiality, Lollipops and Pedophilia


This is a follow up to yesterday’s piece on Rev. E.W. Jackson. Since many new readers didn’t understand my sarcasm, I will attempt to keep this one on the straight and narrow (no promises though). First, I want to make it clear that these articles have nothing to with the Jackson’s rights of religious freedom [Read More...]

Atheist Activist Todd Stiefel Interviewed by The Young Turks

A new Young Turks interview with Todd Stiefel, President of the Stiefel  Free Thought Foundation has posted. It’s a great watch, and Todd comments on many issues, including his donation to build the first atheist monument I wrote about previously. Full disclosure: Todd is a friend of mine, on the advisory board of Atheist Nexus, and an [Read More...]