Cartoon: Beware Friday the 13th approaches!

Get ready! This Friday falls upon the 13th. Good thing, the religious don’t need to worry. They are scared no stinking numbers. Or do they? From Ape Not Monkey: Click image to enlarge I wonder what will happen when we get a Friday the 13th while the Antichrist sits in the White House? Brother Richard [Read more…]

Almost 30% of NJ conservatives think Obama may be the Antichrist

I find this very hard to believe? According to Huliq News, new data collected by Public Policy Polling suggests a larger number of New Jersey residents may be crazier than we would estimate. Forget the comparisons to Hitler, when asked about the likelihood of President Obama being the Antichrist: 8% of all voters think Barack Obama is [Read More…]

Video: The future, according to Jack Van Impe

You can’t be a fan of those wacky televangelist programs without enjoying the lunacy of Jack Van Impe and his half plastic wife Rexella. Here is a nice compilation of just a little bit of their idiocy. Boy, that answers a few of my questions. So fetuses will be raptured with their mothers and not [Read More…]

Video: Jesus named Obama as the Antichrist

When Obama was running for President, I had a lot of fun posting all the claims that he was the Antichrist. Well now we have proof! Check out this video: Ahh, that’s so awesome. Much like all the Nostradamus and Bible code nonsense, this just goes to show you how easy it is to find prophecies after [Read More…]

Video: Rev. Leroy Swailes explains homosexuality

In the below video, Rev. Leroy Swailes explains why homosexuals are: inhuman, pedophiles, anti-Christ, partakers in bestiality, sadists, and satanists. WTF?! And you thought Phelps was crazy. To learn more about the good reverend, check out Brother Richard [Read more…]

Weekly Rant: In-laws, Memorial Day, Gays, Sarah Palin, and the Antichrist

[Read more…]