God Wars: Palin's vs. Obama's

You would think someone with a BA and MDiv degrees, and who had done some graduate work at Harvard Divinity School, would be somewhat intelligent. Unfortunately this is not the case with J. Grant Swank, pastor of the New Hope Church in Windham, Maine. Last week he wrote this on the Renew America website: Sarah [Read More…]

Will Glenn Beck be remembered as a nut job?

I am soooo relieved. As you know, I am a harsh critic of Glenn Beck, and have often referred to him as a wacko. Apparently, he’s okay with that. We’ve all seen this picture from the days when President Obama was a professor: Well, on his Fox show today, Beck used this picture as the [Read More…]

Sarah Palin is a history denier

During the last election cycle, a relative who I love dearly, accused me of not liking Sarah Palin, simply because she was a Christian. I responded that if I didn’t like her for being a Christian, I wouldn’t like President Obama, or any other Presidents (Republican or Democrat). I said I didn’t like Palin because she [Read More…]

Weekly Rant: Frank Schaeffer and New Atheist Fundamentalists

As far as the religious go, you could say that Frank Schaeffer is one of the good guys. He is the son of one of the first televangelists, Francis Schaeffer, and in his book, Crazy for God, he did a great job explaining how he helped found the Religious Right, and why he now regretted [Read More…]

Almost 30% of NJ conservatives think Obama may be the Antichrist

I find this very hard to believe? According to Huliq News, new data collected by Public Policy Polling suggests a larger number of New Jersey residents may be crazier than we would estimate. Forget the comparisons to Hitler, when asked about the likelihood of President Obama being the Antichrist: 8% of all voters think Barack Obama is [Read More…]

Next stop, the Supreme Court!

In a recent Washington Post letter to the editor, Barry Sasscer, makes a great comment about the the Senate confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor. … there will be six Catholics, two Jews and one Protestant on the Supreme Court. I can only hope that President Obama will use his next opportunity to fill a court vacancy with a [Read More…]

Video: Pastor prays for Obama to go to Hell

Talk about the compassion of Jesus. Baptist Pastor, Steven Anderson, from the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona says he prays every night the President Obama would die and go to Hell. I agree with the commentators. Why is this not being treated the same way as if it was being said in an [Read More…]