The Jim Jefferies Comedy Special

I was going to post the entire, Jim Jefferies HBO Comedy Special, as an edition of Lunch Break Theater. However, it is extremely, NSFW. So I decided to post it now, and encourage you to wait until you get home from work before you watch it. It is entitled, “I Swear To God,” and runs [Read More…]

Nigerian Children Beaten Because They Are Witches

I wrote a post a few months back about the 15,000 homeless Nigerian children who have been exiled because they were accused of being witches and warlocks. Today, the site has brought these kids, and their physical abuse, to our attention again. In the African country of Nigeria, what most would call a teen’s [Read More…]

Dawkins, Hitchens and All Things Militant

Shmuley Boteach (who calls himself America’s Rabbi) has written a scathing article for the Jerusalem Post entitled, “No Holds Barred: Atheists gain strength from religious intolerance.” He begins by referencing American Religious Identification Survey which found 15% of the US population declared themselves as having no religion. Here’s his reasons why: [Read more…]

Lunch Break Theater: 30 Days Atheist / Christian

Yesterday, I got a few emails about the length of the Daniel Dennett speech. Apparently, some of you poor souls only have an hour for lunch. So today here’s something a little shorter: 30 Days. An atheist woman lives with a Christian Family for 30 days.  30 Days – Atheist/Christian [Read more…]

Rick Warren Says He Never Endorsed Prop 8, After He Endorsed It

Larry King had Saddlebacking Saddleback pastor and infamous author, Rick Warren, as a guest Monday night. On the show, Warren said he apologized to his homosexual friends for being supportive of Proposition 8. However, he pointed out that even though he supported it, he never once endorsed it. Here’s a quote (emphasis mine): “During the [Read More…]

Obama Says America Is NOT A Christian, Jewish, Or Muslim Nation

Speaking in Turkey today, President Obama stated, that America was not a Christian, Jewish or Muslim Nation. It should go without saying that this has not made everyone happy… You would think Frank Donatelli, former Deputy Chairman of the RNC, would be educated enough to know that President Obama was doing nothing more than using [Read More…]