Music Video: Intelligent Design Is Still A Lie!

Annoying yet catchy. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Quote of The Day

Moving to Creationism, there never seems to be a debate about this issue among Democrats. And yet black Americans are by and large Creationist. The difference between the political parties and ideologies isn’t that great. My own hunch is that the difference here between the two parties has to do with the degree of unanimity [Read More…]

Lunch Break Theater: Kent Hovind Vs Michael Shermer

To stay with the theme of winning Eric Hovind’s iPod, today’s Lunch Break Theater features the classic debate between Kent Hovind and Michael Shermer. [Read more…]

Atheists win all three of Hovind's iPods!

Talk about sweet irony. Atheists won all three prizes from Eric Hovind’s Creation Minute website! PZ Myers won 1st place, I won 2nd place (pretty good considering we started about a month after Monsignor PZ), and 3rd was atheist Kirby Hobley. As promised, as soon as I receive the iPod Shuffle, I will auction it [Read More…]

Video: The intriguing Pastor Arnold Murray

If you spend anytime flipping through channels late at night, you undoubtedly have come across Pastor Arnold Murray and his show Shepherd’s Chapel. The guy has been on TV since 1985, and always provides some great moments. Here’s one of my favorite clips of him pulling a gun on someone in his audience: [Read more…]

Cartoon: Philosorapter Ponders

“All I said was, this velociraptor was smarter than Jehova.” (Props: [Read more…]

Cartoon: Fly Creationism

A whole lotta funny: (props: PZ via Harpers) [Read more…]