Weekly Rant: Benny Hinn – Man of God?

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Video: Keith Olbermann: "Holy" Blackwater

I am always one of the first people to defend the freedom of religion. I am also continually bemoaning that when someone’s religious views are brought into the town square, they are open to scrutiny and possible ridicule. In the below video from Keith Olbermann, we see just how dangerous a fundamentalist Christian world-view can be. [Read More…]

Are Atheists Elitists?

  TPM blogger and open atheist, Ickyma, has posted a very thought provoking article entitled, “If the GOP is the Party of No, Atheism is the Philosophy of No.” This title does not represent his personal views. It is a quote from a post he read on Daily Kos. I highly recommend reading the article. [Read More…]