Weekly Rant: Benny Hinn – Man of God?

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Video: Keith Olbermann: "Holy" Blackwater

I am always one of the first people to defend the freedom of religion. I am also continually bemoaning that when someone’s religious views are brought into the town square, they are open to¬†scrutiny and possible ridicule. In the below video from Keith Olbermann, we see just how dangerous a fundamentalist Christian world-view can be. [Read More…]

Are Atheists Elitists?

¬† TPM blogger and open atheist, Ickyma, has posted a very thought provoking article entitled, “If the GOP is the Party of No, Atheism is the Philosophy of No.” This title does not represent his personal views. It is a quote from a post he read on Daily Kos. I highly recommend reading the article. [Read More…]