Take a stand against anti-atheist bigotry

Quite often I get asked why communities like Atheist Nexus are necessary. For various reasons, there are several nonbelievers who have no real difficulty being open with their atheist. They don’t feel ostracized and are able to live a comfortable and peaceful life. I wish we all could this could be the case for all [Read More…]

And You Thought Gov. Sarah Palin Was Bad

Underground Examiner (and Atheist Nexus member), Dylan Otto Krider, makes me proud to be from the great state of Georgia with his most recent article. What could be worse then being a candidate for governor in the Georgia Creationist Party? Well if your name is Neal Horsley, it could be admitting this to Alan Colmes: [Read More…]

The Devil Went Down To Georgia! (Or He Jumped The Pond.)

After bad times, okay times, great times, and often pain-in-the-ass times, I finally got to meet The Atheist Blogger in person. Adrian wrote about our adventures together here. He has also posted all of our pictures on Facebook. Good times. Brother Richard [Read more…]