No religious test for public office?

Rachel Maddow reports on the North Carolina and their “no atheist” requirement for office: My friend Herb Silverman (President of the Secular Coalition for America), experienced similar problems when he ran for office in South Carolina. He wrote about it the similarities for And let’s don’t forget this little gem from a pretty important document: The [Read More…]

Herb Silverman's and Mark Sanford's SINS

My friend and President of the Secular Coalition For America, Herb Silverman, has written a great article for the Washington Post’s On Faith website. Herb lives in South Carolina, and you may have noticed his governor, Mark Sanford, and his Argentinian “soul mate” have been in the news lately. What you may not know, is [Read More…]

The Secular Coalition has meeting with White House officials

  Here’s some good news for your Monday morning: Dear Richard, Last Thursday, the nontheist movement achieved a new milestone when the Secular Coalition for America had its first individual meeting with White House officials. The Secular Coalition has met with White House officials before, but Thursday’s meeting was unique. It was not a coalition [Read More…]

The Atheism Examiner's Interview with Herb Silverman

Trina Hoaks, the National Atheism Examiner (and Atheist Nexus member), has made available her 5 part video interview with Herb Silverman, President of the Secular Coalition of America. The following is an introduction Trina has written for Life Without Faith: While attending the American Atheist convention earlier this month, I met hundreds of fascinating people… [Read More…]