Music Video: Intelligent Design Is Still A Lie!

Annoying yet catchy. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Discovery Institute + Faux News = True Love!

The Discovery Institute’s Casey Luskin, appeared on Faux News yesterday. This interview is another example of the “unFair & unBalanced” Faux News. They introduce Luskin and the Discovery Institute without giving any background information or disclosing the institutes agendas. They pretend there is a actual debate between scientists over evolution. Luskin is allowed to spew [Read More…] is a Creationist Fraud

Image by Colin Purrington via Flickr In the Christian blogosphere, there has been a lot of pimping of the new, and totally unbiased website called, All About Science. Well, according to The Cleveland Freethinkers, the site is a creationist fraud. Some Highlights: Beneath its cunningly deceptive, scientific-looking home page lies a¬†wealth of highly-polished stealth Creationism. [Read More…]