Nerdgasim: "One Ring To Rule Them All…"

My fellow Nerds, did you recently feel a great disturbance in the Force your pants, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced? Of course you did, and here’s why… According to two new papers published in Nature, more evidence has been found to support that the “Hobbit” species [Read More…]

Sunday Fundies: Hug A Creationist!

This week’s Sunday Fundies is dedicated to our favorite creationists, Kent Hovind and Ken Ham (warning: name quarantined for Swine Flu similarity). A few days back, I asked you to help me win an iPod Touch from Eric Hovind’s (Kent’s son) Creation Minute website. He is giving it away (along with two iPod shuffles) to the person who [Read More…]