Weekly Rant: Jay Bakker and Fred Phelps

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Hey Steve Harvey, three strikes you're out!

In case you were wondering, comedian turned relationship expert, Steve Harvey, is still a bigot. First, he disparaged atheists on Oprah. Next, he vomited his hate speech on Tyra Banks. Now he’s done it again on Larry King Live. Here’s the clip: Three strikes your out Steve! If anyone would say these things about Christians, [Read More…]

Rick Warren Says He Never Endorsed Prop 8, After He Endorsed It

Larry King had Saddlebacking Saddleback pastor and infamous author, Rick Warren, as a guest Monday night. On the show, Warren said he apologized to his homosexual friends for being supportive of Proposition 8. However, he pointed out that even though he supported it, he never once endorsed it. Here’s a quote (emphasis mine): “During the [Read More…]