Is Mel Gibson at it again?

Is Mel Gibson truly repentant for his 2006 drunken anti-semitic tirade? His arrest was expunged and we were told he received counseling and was not healed. This interview with Jewish reporter Sam Rubin is very revealing: Props to Sam. Gibson is obviously a very intimidating individual. So do we the rational community have a dog [Read More…]

The Passion of The Mel

Things have been a little serious around here lately. So I will try to feature some fun stuff the rest of the day (no promises though). How about this? Apparently, Mel Gibson went crazy at church last weekend. Yep, Gibson (our favorite anti-Semite) felt he was being judged by the parishioners of the Holy Family [Read More…]

Bigot Donohue Compares Obama to David Duke

In case you were wondering, Bill Donohue is still a BIGOT. He continually spews accusations and makes disgusting statements about atheists and other non-Catholics. If anyone would dare say something even remotely similar about the Catholic Church, he would be crying wolf on every news station. In the below Faux News clip, discussing Norte Dame giving [Read More…]