Video: God can defeat healthcare

When all else fails, U. S. Senators can turn to the divine for help in defeating healthcare reform. Video from Rachel Maddow: And people ask why atheists can’t keep their views to themselves. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Video: John Boehner makes a boner while teabagging

It’s not just that they claim to know the mind of God, it’s the apparent  amount of things they amazingly don’t know about America that is scary. Case in point, check out this video clip of House Minority Leader John Boehner speaking at a Tea Party gathering: No wonder Boehner, and his co-wackos Roy Blunt, Virginia Foxx, [Read More…]

Michele Bachmann is no superhero, but she does have a comic

Our favorite fundie in Congress, Michele Bachmann, is the star of a new comic book.  It might totally suck, but I really like the illustration Ken Avidor has created for the cover. Click Picture to Enlarge: Avidor says the cover is his very own “Da Vinci Code.” On his website, he provides an explanation of [Read More…]

Michele Bachmann on End Times Radio Show

Our favorite Congressional wacko, Michele Bachmann is at it again. She was recent guest on the end-time radio program, Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. The show topic, “Criminalization of Christianity.” From the shows website: The Criminalization of Christianity: Dr. Gary Cass, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and others, weigh in about the efforts to marginalize, [Read More…]

Michele Bachmann Still Hasn't Seen The Light!

My fellow silent majority of Americans, when will we wake up and vote ignorant and bigoted buffoons like Michele Bachmann out of office?   As mentioned before, Obama was doing nothing more then quoting John Adams: “As the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has [Read More…]