Bill O'Reilly saves you from porn

Is it okay for a “news” show to play video of soft-porn to show people they shouldn’t watch it? Bill O’Reilly thinks so. First, can you believe Billo actually said, “We do these stories to warn people.” Unfreaking believable. You know you’re full of crap when even Pat Buchanan makes fun of you. Second, if [Read More…]

Nerdgasim: Your Family Tree Has A New Root!

Today the American Museum of Natural History unveiled a 47 million-year-old fossil, which just may be the first of the primates (and your distant relative). The fossil, which is nicknamed “Ida,” is the most in-tact fossil of its type ever discovered. Like you, it has a well developed mandible, big toes and fingernails. Here’s a [Read More…]

2 Different Worlds: Fox vs MSNBC

It is no secret that Fox News appeals to conservatives and MSNBC appeals to liberals. This couldn’t be more true with coverage of the National Day of Prayer. Here’s Fox & Friends on the Day of Prayer: [Read more…]