Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry Praises Prayer

Image via Wikipedia Forget about wasting all your time trying to fix the broken economy, bailing out corporations, or worrying about Swine Flu vaccinations, Oklahoma Governor, Brad Henry, thinks we should spend more time praying.  “Prayer strengthens and sustains us, and we need that now more than ever,” he said during National Day of Prayer services at the [Read More…]

More Fallout From The National Day Of Prayer

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time talking about the “National Day of Prayer.” While we nontheists might be proud, the Christian community is not so happy. Here’s two reports from two different perspectives. First, is a video from the 700 Club. Belive it or not, this is calm compared to a lot of Christian [Read More…]

Poor James Dobson is "disappointed" in Obama

James Dobson is “disappointed” in President Obama for not attending the National Day of Prayer event. Video has been updated: An excerpt from The Washington Post (emphasis mine): The White House released a proclamation from the president about the day early this afternoon, asking Americans to come together in the “spirit of unity and reflection.” [Read More…]

James Dobson: National Day of Prayer Update

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Today PZ, and several in the blogosphere, linked to the poll on the front page of the Focus on The Family website. As of 6:00 PM (EST) here are the results: May 7th is the National Day of Prayer. Will you join us in prayer on Thursday? Yes 4% [Read More…]