Atheists not welcome in Texas politics

The Texas Constitution is unconstitutional. Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 4: “…nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.” My very good friend Noelle (President of the Secular Center) was interviewed by Fox News Houston about the issue. Here’s [Read More…]

Yes Virginia, there is a Pat Robertson

Hey Virginians, get out and vote in the June 9th Democratic primary! Apparently in the last two primaries (2005 and 2006), only 4 percent of you even bothered to vote. I don’t know much about Virginia politics, but the three Democrats running have to be a better choice than Republican Bob McDonnell. It doesn’t matter to me if [Read More…]

Nerdgasims: Obama is highly logical

Forget politics, Newsweek gives us a reason to love Obama: And the last movie you saw?  Now, movies I’ve been doing OK [with] because it turns out we got this nice theater on the ground floor of my house … So Star Trek, we saw this weekend, which I thought was good. Everybody was saying [Read More…]

Rick Warren Says He Never Endorsed Prop 8, After He Endorsed It

Larry King had Saddlebacking Saddleback pastor and infamous author, Rick Warren, as a guest Monday night. On the show, Warren said he apologized to his homosexual friends for being supportive of Proposition 8. However, he pointed out that even though he supported it, he never once endorsed it. Here’s a quote (emphasis mine): “During the [Read More…]