Happy Anniversary Chariots of Iron!

Happy first anniversary to “the three godlessteers,” Lamar, Eli, and Joe. Thanks guys for giving us a great year of podcasting. May you all be in Heaven ten minutes before the Devil knows your dead. If you don’t yet listen to the Chariots of Iron podcast, you are missing out. Below is the info for [Read More…]

Atheists win all three of Hovind's iPods!

Talk about sweet irony. Atheists won all three prizes from Eric Hovind’s Creation Minute website! PZ Myers won 1st place, I won 2nd place (pretty good considering we started about a month after Monsignor PZ), and 3rd was atheist Kirby Hobley. As promised, as soon as I receive the iPod Shuffle, I will auction it [Read More…]

Lunch Break Theater: Richard Dawkins: "The Purpose of Purpose"

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features a compilation of Richard Dawkins’ American tour entitled, “The Purpose of Purpose.” [Read more…]

New Poll: Did we evolve from an ape-like creature?

Let’s have fun with this poll. OneNewsNow.com wants to know… Do you believe you evolved from an ape-like creature? Here’s what PZ says about it: Gaaaah. I am an ape-like creature. My mother and father are ape-like creatures, as are my brothers and sisters and grandparents and distant relatives and ancient ancestors, going back tens of millions [Read More…]