Are morals biological?

Marc D. Hauser says morality is a product of biology, not religion: For one, some of our moral instincts evolved during a period of human history that looked nothing like the situation today. In our distant past, we lived in small groups consisting of highly familiar and often familial individuals, with no formal laws. Today [Read More…]

Salon interviews Bob Wright author of "The Evolution of God"

Recently, I wrote a post featuring Andrew Sullivan’s conversation with the author of “The Evolution of God,” Bob Wright. Now, Steve Paulson has interviewed Wright for in an article entitled: God, He’s moody. Here’s an excerpt: At the very beginning of your book, you describe yourself as a materialist. This raises an interesting question: Can [Read More…]

Lunch Break Theater: Evolutionary Perspectives

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater is an oldie but a goodie. The quality isn’t that great but it is worth watching. It is divided into four parts, and is entitled, “Evolutionary Perspectives,” and features Douglas Adams as moderator to a conversation between Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker and Jared Diamond. It’s great to see these guys as [Read More…]

Einstein, Evil, and Religious Education

The Republic of Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science has produced this intriguing video about Albert Einstein and the existence of evil: First, I should point out that the Einstein story this video is based on never happened.  Second, I’m not sure what disturbs me more. It’s bad enough a government agency chose to promote education based on [Read More…]

Quote of The Day

If atheism and religion were sex … Atheism would be like masturbation – you know you’re there by yourself, but hell, you’re having a good time! Religion would be like masturbating with a happy face drawn on your hand – it’s still only you, but you like pretending that you’re not alone. — c6gunner, on [Read More…]

The knowing of truth

Newsweek’s religion editor, Lisa Miller, has written: The atheist writers Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have presented us with a choice: either you don’t believe in God or you’re a dope. “It is perfectly absurd for religious moderates to suggest that a rational human being can believe in God, simply because that belief [Read More…]

Quote of The Day

Religion does not have the magical ability to hypnotize and seduce our kids UNLESS it is presented in splendid isolation from other voices. If a child is receiving a variety of ideas and is urged to think for him/herself, this one thread will not have any special power. In fact, it becomes part of a [Read More…]