Rachel Maddow and Rick Warren's lie

I must confess that I am a big fan of Rachel Maddow. I don’t think it matters how conservative or liberal you are, you must respect how she strives to be “fair and balanced.” In the below video, she reveals the hypocrisy and lies of America’s favorite pastor, Rick Warren. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Weekly Rant: Rick Warren's Real Purpose for Christmas

Is the restricting of holiday parties in schools a new story? It has been this way in my kid’s school for quite some time. In fact, it all started with Halloween. I remember being outraged when they weren’t allowed to dress up for Halloween parties at school. These events were cancelled because of the Christian [Read More…]

Rick Warren Says He Never Endorsed Prop 8, After He Endorsed It

Larry King had Saddlebacking Saddleback pastor and infamous author, Rick Warren, as a guest Monday night. On the show, Warren said he apologized to his homosexual friends for being supportive of Proposition 8. However, he pointed out that even though he supported it, he never once endorsed it. Here’s a quote (emphasis mine): “During the [Read More…]