Holy Crap: Pat Robertson & Gay Marriage

Rev. Pat Robertson is not pleased with Maine becoming the 5th state to allow gays and lesbians to be married. He uses the slippery slope argument to reach what he calls the “ultimate conclusion.” Here’s the CBN Clip: Yes, you heard it right. He actually said: …polygamy was outlawed because it was considered immoral according to [Read More…]

Miss California Speaks at Liberty University

Newly crowned Miss Martyr, Carrie Prejean (and her recently disclosed fake boobs); spoke to the student body of Liberty University alongside the son of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. My 10 Observations: 1.  Why the hell would anyone be proud of this woman? This is what Prejean said at the Miss USA pageant: “Well I think [Read More…]

Howard Stern On Gay Marriage and Religion

Yesterday, Howard Stern and crew discussed gay marriage and had some interesting things to say about religion. Here’s a clip, and if you don’t know Stern, it is definitely NSFW: This sparked some atheist friendly discussion on the website Towleroad.com. Since we seldom get good press, I thought I would include it here: and prithee, [Read More…]