Lunch Break Theater: Charlie Rose discusses personalized medicine

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features Charlie Rose’s interview of Steven Pinker, Anne Wojcicki, George Church and Linda Avey.  The topic is, “Personalized Medicine.” [Read more…]

Lunch Break Theater: 1998 The Darwin Debate

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features a 1998 video entitled, “The Darwin Debate. [Read more…]

Lunch Break Theater: Evolutionary Perspectives

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater is an oldie but a goodie. The quality isn’t that great but it is worth watching. It is divided into four parts, and is entitled, “Evolutionary Perspectives,” and features Douglas Adams as moderator to a conversation between Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker and Jared Diamond. It’s great to see these guys as [Read More…]

Lunch Break Theater: Dawkins interviews Steven Pinker

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater features the uncut Richard Dawkins inverview with Steven Pinker from “The Genius of Charles Darwin” documentary series. [Read more…]

Lunch Break Theater: How Brains Become Minds with Daniel Dennett

The MBB’s 2009 Distinguished Lecture Series featured three nights with Professors: Daniel Dennett and Austin B. Fletcher. Enjoy part three as today’s feature of Lunch Break Theater. From the website: How Brains Become Minds: The Role Of Cultural Software Post-lecture commentary by Steven Pinker Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology Harvard College Professor An exploration of how [Read More…]

Pinker and Copnik: How Far Can Darwin Take Us?

Recently, The New York Public Library, hosted an conversation with Adam Gopnik and great Steven Pinker. In the below excerpt they discuss the recently hyped “Missing Ling,” and the evolution of the shrug. [Read more…]

Lunch Break Theater: Science, Society & The Merchants of Light

Today’s Lunch Break Theater  is entitled: Science, Society and The Merchants of Light. It is a conversation between Roger Bingham and Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss and Steven Pinker You can download a transcript of the conversation: Here [Read more…]