Mom Reality

I’m dreaming of this…

While actually doing a lot of this…

Vacations and fun blogger trips have come to an end and the result?  I’ve been muddling all week in home life, trying to get it all together and feel like my ducks are somewhat orderly and our family is up and functioning well.  The reality of life post-travel is always a bit mind-numbing; for me, my true nemesis has been the negative voice in my head saying that perfection is possible, but I’ll never get there.  What does it really mean, though, to truly “get it all together”?  Do we ever really have it all under control?  And is it possible the pursuit of perfection could actually be sinful?

Perhaps my focus on control needs to be replaced with a more God-centered challenge–Joy in Him? Delight in the Holy Spirit?   Creating order to allow freedom to follow Him in the ordinary?  The piece below hit me upside the head mid-week and challenged my self-centered approach to mom life.  I hope you find it as invigorating as I did…

My new holy mother goals: seek simplicity, peace, and patience as I wait on the Lord. Conquer tasks for His Glory and not others’. Delight in His Presence and show Him to my children through my joy.

Not a bad list, eh?  All in a lifetime’s work.  God bless.

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  • Juris Mater

    Wow, I felt like the left column here was an accurate personality assessment of me : ) Lord carry me into the right column!! Thanks so much for this reflection, Bethany. A great North Star after re-entry from a wonderful weekend away.

  • Awesome. Thanks, Bethany, for this great reality check! I’m feeling a bit scattered this week as I try to plan birthday parties, summer camps and vacations, etc….There are so many moving parts and there are so many “what ifs” that I easily become overwhelmed. This list has put me in my place 🙂 Many blessings to you as you finish your week!

  • Kellie “Red”

    Wow, love these columns. “Her perspective is based on what is seen vs. Her perspective is based on what is unseen.” How appropriate for Building Cathedrals!

    What an excellent list to turn to when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Life is busy, and I need to constantly remind myself that I cannot be results-based in how I run my home and parent my children. A lot of work and a lot of grace is the strategy, and when I work, I must keep an eternal perspective. And at the end of the day, if I keep a prayerful spirit, I must trust that I was able to accomplish all that God wanted of me that day.

    I think I’ve been on such a high from our weekend that it took until today for me to start to feel as though we were “behind” where I wanted to be for the week. What a great thing to read!

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    I also found it so humbling to read down the left column and continuously nod my head! May He continue His good work in all of us! 🙂

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    I know, totally perfect for us and what we’re after. Cheers to the unseen, ladies. Keep pressing on!