Everybody Freeze!

When a Christmas ornament breaks around here, I call out "freeze" and that means do not move until I have it cleaned up.  This is an important policy because we are often barefooted and I don't like the idea of shards of glass in little feet.  All of the children have learned the drill, and usually whoever drops the ornament is the first to say "freeze."  I love to see my kids stop moving.  Right now, I want to shout "freeze" several times each day, just to see them hold still for a minute.  Our … [Read more...]

Preventing Your Daughter from Becoming a Salon Girl

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable around girls focused on their appearance.  I was a tomboy growing up, so the idea of spending lots of time doing my hair and nails seemed not only foreign, but also a waste of time.  Girls who played the piano, sang in the school shows, or wrote for the school paper, though not athletic, held my respect.  Girls focused on their appearance seemed to be wasting their time perfecting their own appearance and pining after boys.And so when I walked into the … [Read more...]

Differences between Us and the Weasleys

My kids are in to Harry Potter, and I told them that I relate a lot to the Weasleys, the large family with lots of hand me downs and a crazy but affectionate  mom.  They told me that there are two differences between us and the Weasleys.  One, we are not poor.  Two, our house is not upside down.  They didn't say anything about the crazy. … [Read more...]

Taking matters into her own hands

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Be Ye Perfect

Our Lent began in a haze, we all had the flu and infections, we stayed in bed for about 2 weeks.  I had thought about giving up chocolate for Lent, or coffee, but in the end, considering the state of our family life, I have joked with friends that I have decided, for Lent, just to try hard not to give up.One day, in the midst of the illness, I thought I was well and I got up and hauled myself to an early morning Mass.  The homily was on this passage, from the Gospel of Matthew, and it is a g … [Read more...]

Lenten lessons

My feelings toward Lent in the past are no secret.  It is usually a really tough season for me, a mother who feels like at the end of the day of giving all of myself to my children there is little extra left to give to God.Discipline has also been a challenging idea for me lately.  It seems counterproductive to my free will, which I feel can often be squelched by the demands of motherhood.  Take away my free will and I recoil at the thought of discipline.  Why would I hone and sharpen that whi … [Read more...]

A Little More on Abandonment…

From today's meditation from In Conversation with God:So many people have their own plans for their own wellbeing that only too often they look on God simply as someone who will help them to carry out those same plans. The true state of affairs is quite the opposite. God has his own plans for our happiness, and He is waiting for us to help him accomplish them - and let us be quite clear about it: we cannot improve on God's plans....He arranges everything in such a way as to make detachment … [Read more...]

A Child of The Era of Changing Expectations

Recently my father and I were having a conversation in which he mentioned a local news story he had seen. He paraphrased the coverage and explained that the producers predicted that the recent economic downturn will create the first generation of North Americans whose living standards will be lower than their parents' material living standards. In other words, the home you make for your adult family will not be as nice as the one in which you grew up as a child. Until this point in U.S. history … [Read more...]


In the recent onslaught of holiday cards and letters, we received the gamut of greetings. We learned of the joys of new babies, the accomplishments of children, the travels of friends and families, and for the most part, the happy reflections of 2009. The reports were uplifting and especially endearing accompanied by pictures of smiling people and children, dressed well and seeming to have it all together.There was one letter sent to us by friends, though, that stood out from the bunch. … [Read more...]

“Let’s Not Tailgate Our Way to Christmas”

Happy first week of Advent, dear readers!I was blessed to hear a wonderful homily at the Vigil Mass on Saturday evening, and wanted to share some of the priest's reflections on Advent with all of you. In all honesty, this was a homily that I wish I could have recorded - the priest did an amazing job of capturing the true meaning of Advent and of conveying to all of us the weight and importance of this liturgical season. One of the most helpful reminders to me was that Advent is not only a period … [Read more...]