Back To School Rules

Yesterday I packed up my boys, helped them buckle their belts and wipe their faces, and sent them off on their first day of school. It felt for a moment like the heavens parted and glory rained down upon my motherly soul. Thank you, Jesus! We made it. But what about the preparations?! How does a mother truly prepare for that first day of school without eventually wanting to pull her hair out? At one point, I was so frustrated buying school supplies, I was ready to quit and send my kids to school … [Read more...]

Another Lands’ End Warning

Over the last week, Lands' End customers, many of whom were ordering school uniforms for their grade school children, complained about receiving an unsolicited issue to GQ with a topless woman on the cover prompting a formal apology from Lands' End and the cancellation of all GQ subscriptions. Today, the CEO sent out another email warning customers that they could still receive another issue of GQ as they were unable to stop all of the September issues from sending.  So please keep a close ey … [Read more...]

Land’s End Warning: Order School Uniforms, Get Porn

Upon getting our mail on Saturday we found a pornographic magazine addressed to my name, followed by "A Land's End Bonus". Thanks be to God that our boys had not gotten the mail that day, as they usually do to help their pregnant mama. We were horrified that this could end up in our mailbox via ordering school uniforms from our sweet part time Christian school.A call to Land's End Customer service revealed that any customer placing an on line order of over $100 could be sent this as a "free … [Read more...]

My Favorite Picture by a 5 year old

Any guesses on what it is depicting?? … [Read more...]

Feast of Saint Nicholas

Each year I have tried to shift the focus away from Santa Claus to the real Wonderworker, Saint Nicholas. It is 16 degrees outside on my porch right now and I just plopped clementines, golden coins, and chocolate SAINT NICOLASes into four little rain boots. This website is beautiful and full of resources and ideas for young and old alike to enjoy this historical feast day in the first week of Advent. I think Saint Nicholas is also an important Saint because he has great importance in the Eastern … [Read more...]

Our Homeschooling Routine

Happy Monday!I've had a lot of questions lately about what my days "look like."  So this is going to be a really practical and honest post about  how I/we plan (or don't plan) our homeschooling days.I'll begin with a confession.  If I am not going on a morning run, I set an ALARM for 8AM!!!!!!!!!  I'm serious.  My kids sleep in and I love it.  I am not a morning person, and neither is my husband, so I think our kids have just very gradually gotten the hint that we aren't nice in the m … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want to Be Told That Women Can Have It All

... and Professor Elizabeth Corey has finally laid out the tradeoff in a beautiful, thought-provoking manner I appreciate. Please stop reading me with your free time and read this, it has given me food for thought and fodder for argument for nearly a week now. I simply cannot stop thinking about the way in which Prof. Corey frames the debate of working v. stay-at-home-mothering.Essentially, Professor Corey writes that there are two competing desires within modern women: a)the desire to … [Read more...]

Fall Morning Magic

I love Kat's post about being intentional about meeting our own needs so that we can set the right tone in our household.  My biggest challenge lately has been the early morning hours.  I am NOT a morning person.  Life has radically changed for me this September and the mornings have been rough.  When my big kids get up to head to the school bus, my others all wake up as well, so we have a household that is noisy and clammering for breakfast by 6:30 am.Some days I run around and meet their ne … [Read more...]

To Homeschool or Not? A Snapshot of Peace.

Last week was the big back to school week around here.  Every time I checked facebook I saw adorable photos of children in Catholic school uniforms (and some without) smiling and marking the milestone.  As a homeschooling mom, I felt just a tad bit jealous.  Not that taking a cute back to school shot is a reason to send your child to school (it isn't)...but I thought about all these moms with less kids on their hands, moments of quiet as babies and toddlers took afternoon naps, time to do food sh … [Read more...]

How I’m Going To Survive Summer

It's happened.  Last Friday my kids came a runnin'. Backpacks were emptied; lunch boxes stored away; school shoes placed on the lower closet shelf.  Our family together breathed a collective sigh.Summer.Don't get me wrong, I've definitely had moments where I've begun to panic thinking of all the family togetherness we'll be having or wondering if I've inadvertently left something off of our summer schedule.One goal I've aimed for in planning this summer was SIMPLICITY.  We are sc … [Read more...]