Catholic Publications

Friends, Readers... I would be remiss if I did not link to this article ( on the common phenomenon of the strange comments and judgements to which we expose ourselves by having families open to life. But, I would also like to point out that this article was published in Crisis Magazine. I remember when my mom was trying to help finance this publication as it got off the ground. Now it is solely online, not available … [Read more...]

Works for me: the C-T-M-L Method

A year after our fruitful (haha) blog discussion on "Natural Family Planning" and Method Effectiveness, I can report 14 months of successful pregnancy-spacing, while nursing, with the ultimate Catholic fertility tracking method: the C-T-M-L method.C is for "Creighton". I have come to realize that the Creighton model is synonymous with living a white marriage, but it's actually really effective to pay a Creighton instructor $40/hour to be sure that you are... still... abstaining.T is for … [Read more...]

“Natural Family Planning” and Method Effectiveness

Refugees from the sympto-thermal method, my husband and I have begun learning the Creighton model for fertility awareness over the last few months. With five healthy children in seven years, as Mary-Alice says so perfectly, we are “drowning in blessings”!Both the sympto-thermal method and the Creighton model rely on one of the same biomarkers to indicate fertility, and both involve daily charting of signs to determine fertile and infertile days of a cycle. In spite of such noticeable sim … [Read more...]

An African Woman’s Plea to Melinda Gates

Dear friends ~I found this article to be both enlightening and touching, and wanted to share it with all of you. The article details a Nigerian woman's reaction to Melinda Gates' recent announcement that her foundation would be allocating $4.6 billion dollars to providing contraceptives in poor countries. If Bill and Melinda Gates were to spend some time talking with the women of Africa, they might find that that these funds are quite unwelcome. Unlike some Western societies, which fall into … [Read more...]

My Own Passion

After a long church service today, with kids climbing on me and whining and trying hard to be quiet, I was spent by bedtime.  I read the children the Good Friday part of The Very First Easter, which we began reading yesterday before the Mass of the Lord's Supper.After I read, my 9 year old daughter said something that I want to remember forever.  She said "Christ died on the cross because He had the power over life and death, He knew how much it mattered.  I think I would do that if I could, … [Read more...]

Catholics and Contraception

This opinion, in the NY Daily News, is a great summation of theological issues surrounding the use of contraception.  Please note, however, it being the Daily News, that the side bar ads and articles all happen to include pictures of scantily clad women, so take care when you click over. … [Read more...]

For the love of siblings

We had one of many "big family" exchanges on the playground today.  A man and his children were playing and he gestured to my youngest three, all playing, and asked, "I assume this (baby) is your fourth?" "Actually," I replied, "I also have another who is in tae-kwon-do class at the moment."  "Five?" he questioned, smiled, and shook his head.  "Yes, soon to be five," I proudly agreed, "and they are the best of friends."This type of exchange is pretty common in our world and I've begun to ex … [Read more...]

My Statistically Unlovable-Improbable 3rd Child

I am an O- mom entering the last ten weeks of pregnancy, so it is time for my beloved Rhogam shot. For those of you who are not Rh negative, you may not be familiar with the risk associated with delivering Rh+ babies. Essentially my body is full of antibodies developed to combat any baby born with Rh+ blood. Enter Rhogam. This miraculous drug, developed just 40 years ago, is injected into my large pregnant gluteus maximus before each new baby is delivered and then again within 72 hours … [Read more...]

What would you do?

An acquaintance who is Catholic, married in the church and has asked me for advice about catholic schools and ccd for her children, recently mentioned in a casual conversation that she is considering getting her tubes tied.  I stammered a bit and said, oh, don't do that, it's so permanent, but afterwards I felt unsure as to whether I should have said more about the moral problems with sterilization.  On the one hand, it is sort of inappropriate to get into it on the playground, and other hand I f … [Read more...]

Great NFP Resource

If you're looking for a fantastic, online, FREE way to chart your cycles and track fertility, look no further than Fertility Friend.  It is an awesome site for charting and interpreting your daily data--it goes as far as drawing cover lines, numbering the days of various phases, and even having ready an ovulation predictor.  Thank you, technology! … [Read more...]